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There has been a lot going on this past year here at J C White, with plenty of work coming in, new equipment to master, and three new members of staff, all of which has kept us busy in the office and on site, and away from updating the website!

In October 2022 we welcomed our new trainee, Paul, to our growing team. He’s switched over from a mechanical engineering background and is undergoing formal training in civil engineering whilst gaining practical experience across a variety of projects and sites.

The first half of the new year saw us travelling across the country, including visits to Leeds, Porthmadog, and Hinkley, to work on jobs big and small. We continue to see and appreciate regular enquiries from repeat customers, satisfied with our previous work, and plenty of new clients to get to know and develop a long-term working relation with. Some large contracts have come in for exciting topographical and engineering projects, and we’ve wrapped up a couple of long-term monitoring jobs. Our range of offerings can be seen here.

June saw our office staff have a change at the reins, with Jan now enjoying a blissful and well-deserved retirement and Polly taking on new responsibilities having been elected as a District Councillor in the local elections. Their combined term of twenty-five years work with the company is greatly appreciated and we wish them all the best with their futures. Taking up the mantle are Sarah and Lauren, who have experience from construction administration and accounting backgrounds respectively. They’ve settled in quickly and look forward to speaking with you regarding any query.

Equipment wise, two new GPS devices with a rich set of features have been added to our selection, as has a new RTK enabled drone. We’ve seen a steady increase in the number of enquiries for drone surveys and a broadening of the range of tasks for it to handle, read more to see what it can take on. As a result of bigger and better drone outputs, we’ve also installed a new workstation to handle the computing power that’s reduced processing time significantly.