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Volumetric Survey

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The value of earthworks forms a significant part of any construction work so it is imperative to have accurate costings before and during the construction process. This is where a JC White Geomatics volumetric survey is crucial.

Volumetric Survey by JC White in Kent, London, SE England and France

By comparing design information to existing and proposed land formations, earthwork calculations can be worked out to enable accurate costings to be made.

At this stage of work, allowances can be made in the final design to make the most of any cut/fill imbalance. In most cases, this information is presented as a written report and supported by a detailed drawing showing isopachyte contours.

On a much simpler scale, a volumetric survey can be carried out on stockpiles, open excavations and backfilled areas to give quantities of cut or fill, or carried out as a monitoring exercise to show deformation.

All construction projects
Civil Engineering
Commercial, residential and urban development
Landscape Architecture
Coastal and River Defences
Open excavations
Backfilled areas
Monitoring for deformation

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