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3D Laser Scanning

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JC White Geomatics has been 3D Laser Scanning since 2003. Dedicated and highly experienced staff have carried out hundreds of 3D Laser Scanning projects across all sectors of the surveying industry.

With its ability to capture millions of high-density 3D points in minutes, 3D Laser Scanning is a Surveyor’s dream, providing a level of accuracy compliant with other survey techniques. 3D laser scanning’s scope is ever expanding and when used to capture complex or detailed structures, the level of information is unrivalled.

3D laser scanning is excellent at reducing or completely eliminating problems with hard to reach areas, issues of safety and time restrictive access. The complex data allows us to analyse and segment any part of the point cloud within the CAD environment so offering our clients access to a greater level and quality of information.

JC White Geomatics can offer assistance with implementing 3D Laser Scanning to project suitability, specification requirements, software compliance/formats through to integration to BIM Projects.


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